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Wed Jun 20


Get Ready for Pizza Vending Machines, America

There are several points of concern in this promotional video for the “Let’s Pizza” vending machine, marketed by a European company that’s opening up an office near Atlanta within the year, according to

Let’s set aside for now the video’s assertion that this automatic snack constitutes “genuine Italian pizza.” What I want to know is, why is this company betting on the strategy that robot-made food is somehow better than human food? The advertisement stresses that the pizza is “untouched by human hands” and made in “a human-free environment.” Don’t people like a little human touch, not to mention all-important quality control? Have we become a society of germophobes that can’t stand the thought of chefs putting their fingers in our foodstuffs?

Read more at The Atlantic Cities.

This is awesome. If I’m outside New York I’d much rather have a machine make my pizza so it’s not tainted by outsider hands.